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11月-2012Bangladesh Economy and its Garments IndustryDEBNATH, Sajit Chandra; ALAM Md., Samsul
9月-2011Corporate governance in East Asian companies : a comparison between Japanese Keiretsu and South Korean ChaebolDEBNATH, Sajit Chandra
10月-2015Creating the Knowledge-based Economy in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to Slove the Current Unemployment CrisisDEBNATH, Sajit Chandra
3月-2014Developing Education and Human Resources in East Asian Knowledge-based EconomiesDEBNATH, Sajit Chandra
9月-2012Doing BOP Business in Bangladesh : A Case Study of Grameen Telecom CorporationDEBNATH, Sajit Chandra
5月-2015Exploiting the Market Disequilibrium Using the Resource Based Model and Porter's Five ForcesDEBNATH, Sajit Chandra; 徳田 , 昭雄; TOKUDA, Akio
6月-2015The Fairytale of Poverty Alleviation Through Microcredit : A Study of Microcredit's Impact on Borrowers' IncomeDEBNATH, Sajit Chandra
2011Key determinants of economic incentives and institutional regimes to promote knowledge-based economy in East AsiaDEBNATH, Sajit Chandra
2014Policy Approaches Towards Innovation in the East Asian Knowledge-based EconomiesDEBNATH, Sajit Chandra
2015The potential of zakat scheme as an alternative of microcredit to alleviate poverty in BangladeshDEBNATH, Sajit Chandra
2013Value-based Management in Japanese Keiretsu and Korean ChaebolsDEBNATH, Sajit Chandra; TOKUDA, Akio
3月-2013Women in the Japanese Labor MarketDEBNATH, Sajit Chandra; ADHIKARY, Bishnu Kumar; ALAM, Md. Samsul
検索結果表示: 1 - 12 / 12


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