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Buddha canopy or palace (kuuden), Japanese traditional cabinet making skills, Buddhist family altar (butsudan) roof (yane), beam complex (masugata), pillars (hashira), styles of kuuden by Buddhist sect, tools, materials, techniques
Japanese traditional carving skills, Buddhist family altar (butsudan), places where carvings are found on the butsudan, materials, tools, techniques, modernisation
Japanese traditional lacquer and gold picture (makie), gold leaf and powder, patterns, styles of makie, tools and equipment, techniques of lacquer based (urushimori) makie and clay based (doromori) makie
structure and use of a butsudan, variations on the standard butsudan, traditionally trained artisans (dentou kougei shi or DKS), types of artisans (woodworkers: kijishi, kuudenshi and choukokushi), (lacquer workers: nurishi and makieshi), (metalworkers: gilders and kazari kanagu shi)
styles of Buddhist family altar (butsudan) by Buddhist sect, Japanese traditional cabinetry, tools, materials, techniques, assembly
Traditional handmade metal fittings (kanagu), electroplated pieces, types of bruins, methods of making kanagu, without heat: engraved (kebori), embossed (ukibori) and cutout (sukashibori) and with heat: carved and embossed (jibori)
traditional Japanese gilding, butsudan, leaf making, styles of gilding, gold powder (kinpun), gold leaf (kinpaku), tools, materials, leaf making processes, techniques – leafing (kinpakuoshi), powdering (fundame),
traditional Japanese lacquering, lacquer production, equipment, tools, materials, lacquering styles (roiro, tatenuri, mehaijiki), stages of lacquering, lacquering techniques
山崎 修一
牛谷 直子
検索結果表示: 2 - 14 / 14
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