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Traditional handmade metal fittings (kanagu), electroplated pieces, types of bruins, methods of making kanagu, without heat: engraved (kebori), embossed (ukibori) and cutout (sukashibori) and with heat: carved and embossed (jibori)
traditional Japanese gilding, butsudan, leaf making, styles of gilding, gold powder (kinpun), gold leaf (kinpaku), tools, materials, leaf making processes, techniques – leafing (kinpakuoshi), powdering (fundame),
traditional Japanese lacquering, lacquer production, equipment, tools, materials, lacquering styles (roiro, tatenuri, mehaijiki), stages of lacquering, lacquering techniques
山崎 修一
牛谷 直子
検索結果表示: 7 - 14 / 14
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