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-Haptic Aidを中心とした視覚障害者用Assistive Technologyの研究開発韓, 星民; HAN, Summin
2015Health Information Technology (HIT) Application to Clinical Databases for Improving Outcomes of HealthcareKALRA, lalit
12月-2015Health Insurance and the Health Safety Net :The Affordable Care Act and its Effects on Safety Net Providers in the United States高山, 一夫; TAKAYAMA, Kazuo
8-6月-2009Health Systems Development, Globalization, Sustainability, and Solar Cooking (Power Point)BOOSTROM, Eugene
8-6月-2009Health Systems Development, Globalization, Sustainability, and Solar Cooking (Video)BOOSTROM, Eugene
-Hecke Eigenvalues for Real Quadratic Fields岡田, 薫; OKADA, Kaoru
1月-2009Helping people tell stories : narrative research on troubled livesフランク, アーサー; FRANK, Arthur W.
1月-2014Henry Jamesの"The Third Person"における幽霊を追い求める女性達中川, 優子; NAKAGAWA, Yuko
12月-2017The Hierarchical Structure of Academic English Essays: A Systemic Functional PerspectiveDAVILA, Gilder
9月-2013High incidence and prevalence rates of pulmonary TB among Nomadic Basarwa in Gantsi sub-district, BotswanaPAGIWA, Vincent
-High Performance Compact Pipeline Designs for Secure Hash AlgorithmsHoang, Anh, Tuan; ホアン, アイン, トゥワン
-High Pressure FT- IR Spectroscopic Studies on Protein Conformations in Aqueous Solution竹田, 直弘; TAKEDA, Naohiro
-High Pressure Studies On Molecular Conformations in the Liquid Phase加藤, 稔; KATO, Minoru
19-7月-2010Hiroshima Memory Debates and Japanese Pacifist Debates (Video)KIM, Mikyoung
19-7月-2010Hiroshima Memory Debates and Japanese Pacifist Debates(Power Point)KIM, Mikyoung
3月-2017Historic Landscapes of Two Spaces for the Steichen Collections in LuxembourgTAKENAKA, Yumi Kim
3月-2012A Historical Overview of Media Education : Making Sense of the Different Approaches and Rationales浪田, 陽子; NAMITA, Yoko
9月-2014History-making through Japanese Entertainment Media: The Case of Japanese Historical Manga of The Bakumatsu-Ishin PeriodTRAN, Thi Nguyet Anh
-Holder Continuity Property of the Densities of Solutions of SDEs with Singular Coefficients結城, 郷; YUKI, Go
-A Hollywood English Pronunciation for Japanese Students? An Exploration of Japanese University Students’ Attitudes towards Japanese English PronunciationJORDAN, Eoin
検索結果表示: 1034 - 1053 / 10003
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