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3月-2016In the search of the driving forces of sub-Saharan Africa's economy : an approach from orbit analysisRAJAONARISON, Haja Michel; ラジャウナリソン, ハジャ ミッシェル
3月-2016Changing Patterns of Civil Wars in Sub-Saharan Africa : Analysis of UCDP/PRIO Dataset from the 1960s to the 2000s岡野, 英之; OKANO, Hideyuki
3月-2016Book Review : Amitav Acharya. Indonesia Matters : Asia's Emerging Democratic Power. Singapore : World Scientific Publishing Co. Pte. Ltd. 2014. 148 pp.AGUS, Trihartono; アグス, トリハルトノ
3月-2015The Trilemma of Agricultural Development and Food Security in Sub-Saharan Africaラジャオナリソン, ハジャ ミッシェル; RAJAONARISON, Haja Michel
3月-2015Rethinking of the “State Advance, Private-Sector Retreat” Phenomenon in China中川, 涼司; NAKAGAWA, Ryoji
3月-2015The EU Charter of Fundamental Rights and its Applicability to the Member States : A Step towards Unitarisation or Federalisation?WOLLENSCHLÄGER, Ferdinand
3月-2015Engaging Asia's Hobgoblin : Japanese Diplomacy and the Democratic People's Republic of Koreaグレイ, ガヴァン パトリック; GRAY, Gavan Patrick
3月-2014Internationalization and Cultural Diversity in Higher Education : Teaching for Mutual UnderstandingPROGLER, J.
3月-2014China's Non-intervention Policy in UNSC Sanctions in the 21st Century : The Cases of Libya, North Korea, and ZimbabweREN, Mu; 任, 慕
3月-2014Islamic Economic Ethics and Japanese Traditional Business Ethics鈴木, 泰; SUZUKI, Yasushi
3月-2014The Rise of International Shipping in East AsiaWANG, Baixun
3月-2014The UN-EU cooperation in peace and security : conceptual and historical development梅澤, 華子; UMEZAWA, Hanako
3月-2014The Competitive Strategy of an Ethnic Chinese Corporate Group under the Hong Kong Economic Development : With Special Emphasis on the Cheung Kong Group守, 政毅; MORI, Masaki
3月-2014Developing Education and Human Resources in East Asian Knowledge-based EconomiesDEBNATH, Sajit Chandra
2013An investigation into ways forward for Cosmopolitan Theory, including a summary and consideration of Simon Caney's cosmopolitan approach to the question of international distributive justiceWARRIES, Garth
2013Why is the Basel Regulatory Framework Not Necessarily a Universal Panacea?SUZUKI, Yasushi; WANNIARACHCHIGE, Manjula Kumara; SASTROSUWITO, Suminto
2013The European Union's Trade PolicyGSTÖHL, Sieglinde
2013Value-based Management in Japanese Keiretsu and Korean ChaebolsDEBNATH, Sajit Chandra; TOKUDA, Akio
2013The UN-EU cooperation in peace and security: the mechanisms of inter-institutional relationshipUMEZAWA, Hanako
2011International cross border economic regions in east asia, Greater Tumen Area (GTR) and Greater Mekong Sub-region (GMS)MATSUNO, Shuji
検索結果表示: 1 - 20 / 44
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