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2017Globalizing WelfareKUHNLE, Stein
2017Creation of a Circulatory Energy and Welfare Regional Network and Avoidance of Conflict: the Case of Russia's Sakhalin OblastMIYAKE, Ayaka; KAMIKUBO, Masato
2017Why Pro-democracy Movement can't Bring their Country to Democracy: Relation between Pro-democracy Movement and Public SphereTAKAKUWA, Kazuya
2017Foreword for Special Issue: Seeking to Exploit the Potential of the Notion of 'a Societal Cycle from Energy to Welfare' in the North East Asia RegionKAMIKUBO, Masato
2017Welfare System in Contemporary Russia and its Implication for Sakhalin RegionKONKOV, Alexander
2017Natural Gas Trade between the Soviet Union and Western CountriesKAWAMOTO, Yusuke
2017Current Trends in Russian EducationKORSUNOV, Victor
2017Cover (Journal of Policy Science vol.11)-
2017Colophon (Journal of Policy Science vol.11)-
2017Contents (Journal of Policy Science vol.11)-
2017Energy Security as a Tool of Political Pressure in a Protracted Conflict : Impact of Ownership of Energy Resources on Welfare of Population in Moldova including TransdniestriaPLESINGER, Jan
2016Energy Security, Economic Sanction and the OSCE : From Economic Dimension to Security Dimension玉井, 雅隆; TAMAI, Masataka
2016Energy Stability in Arabian Gulf : Post-Shale Oil Revolution, U.S. Withdrawal and Arab Uprisings EraSFOUG, Alshammary
2016The Importance of the Malacca Dilemma in the Belt and Road Initiative鐘, 鈺; ZHONG, Yu
2016Energy and Water in Mongolia : What are Japan's Roles?玉井, 良尚; TAMAI, Yoshinao
2016Foreword for Special Issue : The Energy Interconnections between Liberal Democracies and Non-liberal Democracies in North East Asia宮脇, 昇; MIYAWAKI, Noboru
2016National Security Policy and Contemporary Geopolitics山本, 武彦; YAMAMOTO, Takehiko
2015A Cloud Based Open Agro-Informatics PlatformNISHANTHA, Giguruwa; ニシャーンタ, ギグルワ
2015Potential Analysis of Hot Spring Power Generation with Kalina Cycle Technology孫, 発明; 周, 瑋生; 仲上, 健一; 蘇, 宣銘; SUN, Faming; JIA, Baoju; ZHOU, Weisheng; NAKAGAMI Ken'ichi; SU, Xuanming
2015Current Status and Future Prospect of Gas Distributed Generation in Shanghai任, 洪波; 周, 瑋生; REN, Hongbo; BAN, YinYin; ZHOU, Weisheng
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