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2015The Introduction of a CO2 Emissions Trading System for Realizing an East Asian Low-Carbon Community周, 瑋生; 蘇, 宣銘; 銭, 学鵬; ZHOU, Weisheng; SU, Xuanming; QIAN, Xuepeng
2015Transport Strategies for Sustainable City Development and The Emergence of Auto Sapiens'太田, 勝敏; OHTA, Katsutoshi
2015Industrial New Town Development for Sustainability : Lessons from Japan’s TechnopolisesKOBAYASHI, Hajime
2015Disaster Reduction Strategy Based and Lessons from The Great East Japan EarthquakeONISHI, Takashi
2015Respecting Life, Stabilizing Livelihddos and Rebuilding Japan : Structural and Non-Structural Elements of Resilience and Sustainability Following the 3.11 Disaster伊藤, 繁; MONTE, Cassim; TAO, Youichi; PERERA, Sachi; ITOH, Shigeru; カセム, モンテ
2015Addressing Global Change and Attaining “Futuer Earth” Objectives : Summing up the significance of contributions to this journal鐘ヶ江, 秀彦; KANEGAE, Hidehiko
2015Monte Cassim : Short History of Major Activities and Selected Bibliography of Recent Research Works-
2015Foreword for Special Issue : East Asian Law-Carbon Communitiy Concept and its realization周, 瑋生; ZHOU, Weisheng
2015Generation and Hybrid Use of Natural Clean Energies to realize the Low Carbon Society酒井, 達雄; 吉岡, 修哉; 大上, 芳文; 河合, 陽平; 川北, 紘久; SAKAI, Tatsuo; YOSHIOKA, Shuya; OGAMI, Yoshifumi; LIAN, Benning; KAWAI, Yohei; KAWAKITA, Hirohisa
2015Next Generation Researchers as an Engine for Asia-Africa Knowledge Sharing on Sustainable DevelopmentMUTISYA, Emmanuel; NAGAO, Masafumi
2015Achieving Sustainable Development of Chongming Island, China仲上, 健一; 陳, 暁晨; 銭, 学鵬; 清水, 聡行; 中島, 淳; NAKAGAMI; Ken'ichi; CHEN, Xiaochen; QIAN, Xuepeng; SHIMIZU, Toshiyuki; LI, Jianhua; HAN, Ji; NIU, Jia; NAKAJIMA, Jun
2015Driving Sustainability Science Forward : Transformative Innovations and Transnational Collaboration in a Rapidly Changing Hyper-Connected WorldKUROKAWA, Kiyoshi; CASSIM, Monte; カセム, モンテ
2015Strategic Choices for Low-Carbon China and Proposition of East Asia Low-Carbon Community周, 瑋生; 銭, 学鵬; 蘇, 宣銘; ZHOU, Weisheng; QIAN, Xuepeng; SU, Xuanming; LI, Fan
2015Current Status and Future Prospect of Gas Distributed Generation in Shanghai任, 洪波; 周, 瑋生; REN, Hongbo; BAN, YinYin; ZHOU, Weisheng
2015Economic Impact Assessment of Immediate Shutdown of All Nuclear Power Plants in Japan山崎, 雅人; YAMAZAKI, Masato
2015International Environmental Cooperation between Japan and China towards East Asian Sustainable Development銭, 学鵬; 周, 瑋生; 仲上, 健一; QIAN, Xuepeng; ZHOU, Weisheng; NAKAGAMI, Ken'ichi
2015Towards the Science of Systems ResilienceMARUYAMA, Hiroshi
2015Integrated Assessment of Energy Related SO2 Emissions Control in China’s 12th Five-Year Plan蘇, 宣銘; 高橋, 潔; 周, 瑋生; SU, Xuanming; TAKAHASHI, Kiyoshi; ZHOU, Weisheng
2015Evolving Connectionist Systems for Adaptive Learning and Knowledge Discovery : The Past, The Present and The FutureKASABOV, Nikola
2015Health Information Technology (HIT) Application to Clinical Databases for Improving Outcomes of HealthcareKALRA, lalit
検索結果表示: 21 - 40 / 73
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