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-What Motivates Language Teachers: Investigating Work Satisfaction and Second Language PedagogyPraver, Max; Oga-Baldwin, William
-Finamatics & Innovation in Product Development Designs of Technology CompaniesJEHAN, Shahzadah Nayyar; KHAN, Muhammad Tahir Abbas; JEHAN, Shehzadeh Qamar
-Japan-Iran Tourism Relations: Opportunities and Limitations in Promoting Iran's Cultural and Heritage Tourism to the Japanese MarketCOOPER, Malcolm; VAFADARI, Kazem
-Practical Foundations for an Asia Pacific Economic Community: The Case Study of the APEC Standards and Conformance StrategySUTTON, Michael
-Designing and Teaching a Course for Large University English ClassesHASWELL, Chris
-International Conference on Global Education, Beppu, July 1999PORTER, Edgar A.
-Investigating the Effects of Mergers and Acquisitions on Banks' Efficiency: An Event Window AnalysisSUFIAN, Fadzlan
-Migration and the Variability of Rice Production in a Northeast Thai VillageFukui, Hayao
-Development of e-Government in Indonesia: A Strategy Model and Its AchievementsDAHLAN, Nariman
-「うん系」感動詞の韻律的特徴に関する一考察  -「受け入れ」にかかわる意味・機能をめぐって-SUDO, Jun
-Who is Teaching What? Insights from Educational Professionals within the JET ProgrammeBROWNE, Kevin C.
-Attitude Change and Knowledge TransformationGUO, Ruth; CAREY, Stephen
-University English Learners' Speaking Competence in their Monologic ProductionLI, Mo
-Interpreting Metaphor in Use by Mandarin Teachers of EnglishZHAO, Hongqin; HUANG, Jianbin
-The Significance of Building and Activating Background Knowledge in the Teaching of Shakespeare in the ESL ClassroomLEE, Eileen
-ベトナム語 la の取り扱いかたをめぐってTAHARA, Hiroki
-Notions of Definiteness, Specificity and Countability in the Grammaticality Judgments on Spanish Article System by Japanese StudentsBARRERA, Francisco
-初級修了者のための会話練習案-「日本語5つのとびら-中級編」での試み-SHIMIZU, Akiko
-A Generic Awareness Study of L2 Writing in CollegeWU, Zhonghua
-The Push-Pull Factors of Japanese MigrationKAJIURA, Asako
検索結果表示: 1 - 20 / 420
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